National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces

Who we are

The Federation is the voice of the dynamic and inspirational movement of over 6,000 local Friends of Parks groups – the volunteers who act on behalf of the communities who use and care about our vital public green spaces. We exist to represent their activities, issues and concerns, and to amplify their passionate and knowledgeable voices.

We share news and views, develop good practice, work to strengthen grass roots organisation, coordination and co-operation throughout the UK, and speak out about the key issues impacting on our open spaces.

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What we stand for
Let's all celebrate the UK's local green spaces, and do our best to improve and defend them. They are an essential and unique public service, vital for everyone and every community, and for all age groups and interests!  We call for park lovers to set up Friends Groups for every green space and a Friends Groups Forum for every area.

However, there is growing alarm about the serious long-term damage being caused by devastating cuts to green space budgets for staff and maintenance, and the lack of public funding and investment from local and national Government. If not reversed, this neglect will cause them to become problem spaces abandoned by park users and plagued by vandalism - or even being closed and sold off. We must not let this happen. Parks must become a properly-run statutory public service, backed by adequate public funding and community involvement.


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