National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces



The National Federation of Parks of Green Spaces (NFPGS) is a UK network of area-wide Forums. We exist to promote, protect and improve the UK's parks and green spaces by linking together all the friends and users Forums/networks throughout the country. 

To do this we need to come together and lobby Councils, MP's and Central Government to ensure that our GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND, that is the United Kingdom, remains GREEN.


I HAVE A DREAM - Dr Martin Luther King

Our (NFPGS) dream is:

To protect the UK's green spaces

To ensure sufficient financial resources

To act as a voice for the community

To ensure the involvement of friends and user groups in the management of their green spaces

To ensure good levels of staffing and management in green spaces

To encourage the formation and growth of new local and regional Friends and User Forums

To support, advise, link up and become the voice of green space community volunteer groups and Forums from all corners of the UK

To be able to work together to raise the profile of green spaces

To be a friendly and approachable team, and one with a common purpose

To have links and to work with other organisations with similar aims


A brief history of The National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces (NFPGS)

On March 2008, the national parks charity GreenSpace facilitated a meeting between representatives of friends group forums following requests for this at its Great Parks, Great People community group conference in Autumn 2007. At this meeting, the attendees decided to form the National Open Spaces Forum to provide the means for area-wide forums:


• to make contact with one another

• to share experiences and discuss issues

• to support one another in seeking to improve parks and green open spaces

• to promote best practice


At a meeting on 31 October 2009, the group agreed to develop a constitution. A Steering Group was then elected at the next meeting on 6 February 2010. The group also agreed to hold quarterly meetings to allow the forum to develop a greater voice to lobby for further park investment.


At the following steering group meeting on Saturday 15th May 2010, it was agreed that the group would now be called the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces (NFPGS).




The independent environnmental charity, Keep Britain Tidy, now provides adminstrative and financial support to the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces.